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    Hi AF,

    It is going on 12 years of our close friends and family ADK backpacking trip. Started when we were all around 30 or so. The High Peaks, Sand Lake from Wanakena, 35 mile canoe trips, miles of hiking with heavy packs into the unknown. Now we are older and the group has changed. I can still carry a heavy pack for miles on end but some other the others, the ones left can't or won't. One guy can't be without cold beer for more than a few hours so we need a cooler in tow. Anyway we are looking to motor boat our gear to a remote end of a lake set up the cooler then explore remote area's with light packs returning to camp at night. No cell phones and no worries.

    We are considering Dead Creek flow on Cranberry, Stillwater (big Burnt) and maybe the back end of long. The problem is we have done these areas already. They are great but maybe we are missing something or someplace.

    Any suggestions? Basically looking to motor boat to a camp on lesser know trails, with some fishing and exploring.

    thanks again,

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    How about the Raquette Lake/Sargent Ponds area...
    Or maybe Indian Lake?
    Or Saranac region?
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      thanks Justin

      our trip is 4th of july weekend so indian and Saranac are booked. we are thinking about sargent ponds area. are there any campsites on upper st regis with wilderness trails connecting?