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Queer Lake from Higby Road/Mays Pond

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  • Queer Lake from Higby Road/Mays Pond

    Map of area

    Hi All,
    Does anyone have any information on traveling from the Big Moose Lake area to Queer Lake? (trails 21 to 23 on the map)

    In the past my hiking buddies and I have traveled to Q Lake via the Windfall Pond trail head (trail 24). I'm looking at the possibility of a different route in and preferably one that doesn't have that abrupt vertical climb up and around the private lands where trails 22 and 24 meet.

    It seems simple enough to come in a different way, but I was wondering what typical trail conditions would be like in late April, what the views are like, etc. Also this area has been in the news lately about potentially being sold between NYS, private owners or local gov't. I was wondering if these trails are still publicly accessible in 2013? I'm assuming with more snow this winter the trails will be a little soggier than they were in April last year.

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    I ran into the former owner of Mays Pond, Mr. Sweet, and he told me that TNC bought it and wanted to run it or sell it to the state as a drive-in wilderness for elderly/disabled. I am unaware of TNC wanting to sell now.

    Most trails that cross private lands have easments. I believe the one from Judson Rd. to Chub is one and is owned by another group other than Mr. Sweet/TNC. You can access Queer Lake from there, although it's a longer trip.
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      I would say that it is not any easier as an access route, although I have not tried the Hermitage trail so it might be. Mays Pond trail is nice but it is pretty steep going over the ridge. Up until that point the trail is pretty flat although it does wind around and change from road to footpath and back a few times.


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        Thanks for the responses guys. That helps a good bit. I'm still kind of hesitant convincing my group of 4-6 to go a different way, especially if it becomes muddy as hell. Last April was great considering it was spring, but who knows this year...

        I guess maybe we'll just come in the traditional way from the Windfall Pond trailhead but maybe do a day hike up Chubb lake and maybe back down the trail I was thinking about. Then at least we won't have full packs on...


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          Chub lake is very nice, it is one of my favorites. It is only about an hour walk each way in good conditions from Queer Lake. There is a spot where I went into mud nearly to my knees in August of 2009 on a hillside where the trail had been blocked by some fallen trees. I hopped up on one to cross and when I hopped off the other side I nearly got stuck. It was quite a surprise. Unless someone has repaired it the log bridge over the inlet stream to Chub was just barely hanging on the last time I was there in 2011 but I am sure that could be avoided by going upstream a bit out of the beaver area if it has completely gone.
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            The trail to Chub from Judson Rd. is always muddy, even in dry times. There's also a couple of patches of boot sucking mud from Chub to QL.

            Last time I was thru there the bridge ofver the inlet of chub was gone. A bit of a nasty bushwhack around it, too.


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              Thanks again for the info guys. It's a big help!