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Echo Cliffs above Piseco Lake - 1/19/13

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  • Echo Cliffs above Piseco Lake - 1/19/13

    A friend and I decided that since we didn't have all day to get a lengthier hike in that we would head north to Piseco Lake and give Echo Cliffs a try.

    I hiked the trail last summer with my wife while we were staying at Little Sand Point Campground and found it to be a short, yet steep trail with pleasing views from the top.

    After climbing the trail today, I was once again pleased with my decision to make the climb.

    The trail took about 45 minutes to climb, with about 30 mins of actual climbing and 15 minutes to enjoy the views on the way up, along with chatting with a group of 13 on their way down.

    The trail was covered in anywhere from 0" - 3" of snow, with up to 6" off trail.

    Snowshoes were not needed, but there is a fair amount of ice beneath the snow and I donned my Hillsounds about 50 yards from the trailhead. I noticed an immediate difference and was almost able to sprint up the mountain compared to my traveling companion, who appeared frustrated with the lack of traction that the snow-covered ice was providing . I think I sold him on investing in a pair of microspikes!!!

    All in all, a great short hike with good views from the top.
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