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    I am visiting High Peaks on Nov. 5th - Nov. 8. Plan to hike to Avalanche Lake, Phelps, Giant, Cascade. Could someone comment on what conditions can be expected given that some snow might be coming? Are micro-spikes enough or is it better to also take snowshoes? I haven't been to High Peaks before, so not sure what to expect at higher elevations and would rather be prepared.


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    Just be aware that there is a Noreaster brewing for the period of Nov 7-8. Supposedly will not be as severe as Sandy but the potential for a LOT of snow exists. The track will be farther east supposedly.

    But still bears paying attention.


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      If you don't encounter snow be ready for ice (sounds like you will be). Possibly both. If there is 8 inches of snow or more on the ground snowshoes are required by law. There may be no snow down below and as much as 3 feet at 4000 feet so you may want to start out with them strapped to your pack. Follow the weather and snow depth web sites and you should be OK. The forecast isn't currently calling for much snow in Lake Placid, however.

      You probably know what follows already.
      -bring winter clothing including multiple changes of warm hand-wear.
      -it gets dark early so headlamps are a very good idea too.
      -taking precautions to prevent your water from freezing may be necessary.
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        Thank you for replying and for all the tips, I will make sure to respond with what I encounter. Hopefully there won't be too much snow, as I am not experienced hiking in the winter and will most likely have to turn around if it gets too deep.

        On a separate note, can someone recommend any places to mountain bike in the Lake Placid area? I have done my fair share of biking in snow, at night, etc, so quite confident handling many kinds of terrain. I found Pine Pond trail, though this looks like a simple double track road.


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          Originally posted by sashka View Post
          On a separate note, can someone recommend any places to mountain bike in the Lake Placid area?
          In pursuing their passion, a crew of mountain bikers creates a resource for all in the greater Lake Placid region. By Alan Wechsler I’m following Keith McKeever and his friends up a mountain-bike trail on a bright summer afternoon. The trail climbs smoothly but unrelentingly as it switchbacks up the side of Winch Mountain...