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  • Caves

    I was just curious has anyone found any caves in the high peaks while hiking? If so I was just curious where some of these are I would love to explore them.


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    go south


    Check out Chimney Mtn, in the south central adk's.

    It's in the guide book for this section of the park, and in other hiking guides.

    I haven't made it up yet myself, but there are caves there that have snow/ice in them year round.

    That, and the awesome rock formations should make for a neat trip.

    edited - thought i'd add a map

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      It's not the highpeaks also, but.....

      There's a cave on the "blue ridge" south of Rt.28 and between Lake Durant and Sagamore. An "oldtimer" from Constableville,N.Y. used to take his horse and supplies up to it and stay there during hunting season. I've never visited it but it must be good sized because his horse was in there with him. There's an old and difficult to follow blazed trail that deviates off the state trail to Wilson Pond right where the trail turns sharply due east. The total one-way mileage is supposed to be around 5 miles. Hey, even without that - the "blue ridge" is mostly open hardwoods and has some very nice views (been THERE) and a couple of THOSE peaks are considered to be in the ADKS 100 highest.
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        Chimney Mountain is the only mountain I've done twice. Just south of Indian Lake it's quite hard to find the trailhead. Once you are there you know it but it seemed to me that the back road went on forever.

        Also if you are interested in the caves there are maps showing the locations of the caves. I'll try and find them and post here.

        Just the rocks at the top make this a real unique hike. Not a high peak but a good hike up.


        (Hey Brian, good to see you. Make it home ok?)


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          I've been on chimney probably a dozen times and I ever tire of it. It is a cave explorers dream.

          Re: caves in the hihg peaks, I don't know of any actual caves, but I know a deep whole in Indian pass that hold snow through the summer.


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            There's a popular cave on whiteface in one of the gladed areas that skiers access all winter. I think people camp in it during ski season to get first tracks on pwder days. I have not found it yet, but I will this season.


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              When you find that cave please post the location here! It would be a great experience to spend the night in it and make some fresh tracks.
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                Enter the 10th mtn division glades from its marked entrance on ripper's right off Northway. Traverse across being careful not to drop any lower than the entrance elevation. Go completely across to the spruce fir wave on the right edge of lower Tommy's chute. Look for a stump/boulder combo w/ a 5 foot drop-off. This drop off is 20 feet above the lead in to the "cave." There is a hack mark on a balsam tree at the lead in point.

                Cave is crowded on weekends w/ youngsters so be careful, U don't want to B a bad influence.

                Stole from the rsn adirondack skiing message board.


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                  Been up Chimney numerous times and still have yet to do Eagle. Have a good link with maps and pics though...heres the link..


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                    great site

                    Bird, That is an awesome site @ Chimney Mtn. The maps of eagle are right on, as I recall. Impressive. I was surprised they found bats in there--I've always looked for them w/out success. They have a ncie picture of about 20 bats in eagle.


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                      I'm Head...Bird is my hiking partner. Sorry to be so anal but EVERYONE calls me Bird...(He's the skinny fella with the big shnoz. Me, I'm the big guy with the big melon of a head). So you've done Eagle? I heard it is awesome. Multiple levels and big rooms...Im hoping to do it in the spring...or maybe even this winter if the spirit moves me. Take care and see ya on the trail.

                      BirdHead Studios
                      The Worlds Most Entertaining Hiking Website BirdHead Studios and Northeast 111 Videos


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                        Sorry Head. Your web site cracked me up. Nice job.

                        There are lots of caves on chimney, but eagle is the one I always go back to. It seems to never end. The maps on the site you linked us to are very good. Those guys have gone farther than me--that is for sure. I've been in there for periods of up to 6 hours and never came close to an ending point.

                        Also, Barbara McMartin's Discover the ADK series--whichever volume covers that region--has a decent map showing the entrance of eagle, as well as other caves.

                        For those who don't dig the cave thing (like my wife), there are a few interesting crevases that are full of snow--all seasons. One is big enough to have snow ball fights in--my kids love that.

                        Anyway, Chimney is like a playground for me. Love that place.