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  • Snow!

    What are the snow conditions like in the high peaks right now?? I plan on making a mission sometime around the 17th or so. Am i gonna have enough snow for a tour???

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    50/50 shot. The weather systems have been pulling a lot of warm air up ahead and it's been most rain/ice followed by a cold day or two. There's a link to one of the colleges somewhere that will get you a real-time shot of Whiteface...

    But looks alone can be decieving as ice mixed with a little snow looks about the same as 4 feet on top.


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      its getting there...

      I live/work at the loj and it feels like winter at least, tonight's supposed to dip down to 0-5 degrees. There's about 4 inches on the ground here. My friend went up Cascade/Porter today and said there's about a foot on the summit. I was up a few days ago and there was about 6 inches on Cascade. It's not a pleasant time for hiking because there is not enough snow for snow shoes, but the trails are slippery with the snow and ice.

      We are hoping for a big dump very soon, its just been an inch here, an inch there. There's a storm headed our way Monday/Tuesday but again there's a good possibility of ice/rain with that.

      I'm about to go cross country ski around property and maybe attempt the old road to marcy dam. wish me luck.


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        Was in Indian Pass over the weekend. Temps got down to 2 degrees on Fri night and about 25 last night.
        There were about 8 inches as you started getting a little higher in els. about 2 inches fell last night. Not much around the FSM.
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          Heard reports that there is about 12" - 24" on Marcy this past weekend.
          A man needs to believe in something. I believe I'll go hiking.


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            There is a report on VFTT for 12/3-12/4 of over two feet of snow in the Lake Tear/Four Corners area.