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Dogs in Hunting Season

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    Originally posted by Neil View Post
    Between being away on vacation and just getting back I missed out on this thread. Any thread combining dogs and hunting is a high risk venture, to say the least. Kudos to y'all on a fine job of staying within the legal limit.

    Btw, I hear that drivers of cars shoot at each other on the freeways. I guess I won't be taking my dog to LA in driving season. He looks too much like a human when behind the wheel.
    Good choice.
    And wearing orange may not be an option.
    It may be a gang color might get bad attention.

    Originally posted by 1894 View Post
    Now , back to the origional thread
    Dogs can look like deer , chase deer and also look like coyotes .
    Hunters are not big fans of dogs where they are hunting.
    As Redhawk mentioned , a lot of deer hunters are not big fans
    of a large coyote population.

    So MY interpretation of this thread is :
    1. Bright colored vest for your dog durring hunting season.
    2. Leashed and stick to the main hikeing trails.
    3. Be polite to everyone you meet , and don't rush to
    judgements or stereotyping just becase they look at the
    world through a diferant set of eyes than yours.

    Well said.

    I have never shot a dog while deer hunting.
    I have shot a few coyotes while deer hunting.
    One was even running a deer.


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      Thank you.