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Info on the man’s death described in “the 46ers”

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  • Info on the man’s death described in “the 46ers”

    I just watched this the other day at a friends house, and I wasn’t paying a ton of attention, nor do I have access to it anymore, but it describes the death of an Australian man hiking with his girlfriend— maybe near four corners somewhere. Wondering if anyone has any information on this or a link to an article. As I said, I wasn’t giving it my full attention and I’m a little hazy on details

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    I don't have a handy link, but I'm sure you could find one by searching.

    This was decades ago, in the spring. The couple made the mistake of thinking that because it was spring in the valley, it would be spring in the mountains.

    We were doing a short hike on the sunny side of Keene Valley that day. Very little snow, what was left was melting fast, it was warm and we were in T shirts.

    Days later we heard about the events up on Marcy. The couple had gotten up there, dressed very inadequately (shorts, etc.). A spring storm came in (from the NW, as usual) and they did not check a compass bearing. Instead, as often happens, they headed downwind and ended up in Panther Gorge, in a storm, in very deep snow. The man died that night at the LT. The woman survived the night, hiked back up over 4 corners and down to Lake Colden where she was rescued. Pete Fish used to tell this story in detail; he was the head Ranger on the rescue, and we have heard him tell of it.

    As I said, this isn't the only "no bearing, headed down wind into Panther Gorge" incident, and it probably won't be the last.