The book does tell you about the history of the fire towers and that is interesting and all but what I love are all the little stories for the old days. The author interviewed caretakers and family members that either had remembrances or family that stayed at the fire towers.

I loved the stores told by two sisters that stayed at Vanderwhacker Fire Tower with the grand parents for several summers. They had all these cute little reflections on the happiest time of their lives. Stories about families living on top of Pharaoh Mountain were great.

One story was about a rabbit coming down the path and running between the caretakers legs. There was a bobcat chasing the rabbit and it ran between his legs too! I love tall tales like that!

One boy loved to catch snakes while staying on top of Pharaoh. One day his dad yelled at him to drop the snake he was carrying. It was a timber rattler! He was upset that the snake ate a chipmunk and was going to try so save it.

Not all the stories are happy there were tragedies too.

This book is more Adirondacky than anything I ever read.

I have only read about 4 of the towers and I am loving it.

I got it out of the Clifton Park Library.