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Looking for ADKS green/white euro-style sticker

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  • Looking for ADKS green/white euro-style sticker

    I was up in the Schroon Lake/Paradox Lake area last week and saw a car with a green and white (green background, white lettering) euro-style sticker that read "ADKS."

    I looked around and found some standard white/black "ADK" stickers, but I'd really like the green and white "ADKS" version.

    Can anyone point me to a seller?

    [EDIT] Found it! I had looked with due diligence via Google, but it finally dawned on me to try searching for "adirondacks decal." That did the trick:

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    Try the shops in Lake Placid. I bought one of the black and white ones in one of them (maybe that toy store? Imagination something?) last year. I don't remember if they had the green ones or not, but if you poke your head into each store you can probably find one that sells it.

    We were up in Schroon Lake ourselves last Sunday-Tuesday. I wonder if we saw the same car with a green sticker.


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      I think the "car" was a Nissan Xterra ... if my memory serves me correctly.

      Unfortunately, I don't live up there so I'd have to wait until next year to forage in Lake Placid.

      I'd really like to find an online seller.