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Little Tupper / Arrive Sunday or Monday

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  • Little Tupper / Arrive Sunday or Monday

    We're planning to canoe camp on Little Tupper next week for three days. I was originally going to arrive Monday, early afternoon, but now I'm thinking the weekend crowd will be leaving Sunday afternoon, freeing up the good sites then and it might be better to get there Sunday afternoon. Anybody have an opinion on whether it's better to arrive Sunday afternoon, or wait until Monday?

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    Strictly because of the wind and waves, an early morning start is a more reliable way to start out.
    If you happen to catch the weather just wrong, you’ll battle the wind and waves for hours.
    It’s all a matter of luck, but the odds are against a later start.


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      Most - but not all- of the weekend crowd departs Sunday. Another consideration: summer camp groups typically enter the backcountry on Mondays, so with a Monday afternoon start you might find yourself competing with a summer camp group (or two or three) for choice sites.

      But I do also agree with Stripperguy... A morning start is definitely preferable to an afternoon start at Little Tupper as you'll almost certainly be paddling upwind.


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        Bog River / Hitchins instead

        As a pretty inexperienced canoe camper I'm also thinking of maybe going to the Bog River / Hitchins Pond area instead to avoid the high wind issue, but there are fewer campsites up there.


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          There are 8 designated campsites between the lower dam put in and the upper dam carry, some more desirable than others.
          Lows can also become unruly in stronger winds, but there are sneak routes.
          Not sure if you’re avoiding carries, but St Regis canoe area has more protected waters, access to Long Pond is a short .3 miles in and has much to offer as well.