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Trip options- Jones Pond to Osgood Pond, or Lower Osgood River to Meacham Lake?

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  • Trip options- Jones Pond to Osgood Pond, or Lower Osgood River to Meacham Lake?

    Hey All,

    I'm considering 2 different trips in an area new to me for mid to late August. I'm wondering if folks have any insights/advice on these 2 options.

    1st Option- Jones Pond to Osgood Pond via Jones Pond Outlet, taking out at Church Pond along Rt.86. Likely I would camp a night or 2 at one of the sites on Jones, and also a night on Osgood in the northern bay near the Osgood River. Both Jones and Osgood look to have a good amount of private land along the shore- just how much development is there? I'm also wondering about the quality of the campsites and fishing.

    2nd Option- Lower Osgood River to Meacham Lake, putting in along Rt. 30 and hopefully camping along the way at the designated site near Baker Pond. From the descriptions I've read, this trip is very appealing to me, but I'm concerned that there is only 1 campsite on this route. If it's occupied, there does not appear to be any other option except to continue on to Meacham.

    Anyone done one or both of these trips and have any thoughts or advice? Thanks in advance.

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    There used to be a couple lean-tos on the south shore of Osgood (Paul Smith's easement land maybe). I'm not sure what the status of those sites is now


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      My first canoe trip, long ago, started at the bridge over the Osgood on Rte 30 and ended at Meacham Lake.
      A narrow, winding stream.
      No campsites at that time. Mid 60's.


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        I did a couple of trips in that area last fall. On the first trip, I put in at Osgood Pond and paddled down the river to the campsite near the end. I checked out the leanto on the shore of Osgood Pond - it's up on the hill, not in great shape and the area was pretty trashed out. Hopefully that has changed.

        The site on pond near the entrance to the river was not great (personally, I wouldn't bother to camp there).

        The paddle on the upper Osgood is just like it has been described - it is a beautiful paddle through a boreal environment. I saw lots of bird life during the 4 days I spent there - herons, many ducks and kingfishers to name a few.

        The campsite further down the river was a totally different story - it is great. You'll notice the landing when you come around a bend in the river (note the small dock pulled up on shore near the landing). The site was unmarked; it is up on a rise above the landing, under some nice trees. It is a large site suitable for multiple tents and there are trees for hanging a hammock. There was a good fire ring and the site was clean. The only thing missing was a thunderbox (I sent a recommendation into the DEC to have one put there).

        Of course, you are running some risk of not having an established site if that one is taken. My backup plan was to find a place to hang my hammock somewhere along the river (observing the 150 ft. rule of course). I saw several possibilities on the paddle in. I am also planning on checking out the other river feeding into the Osgood River about halfway up. It looks like it can be paddled pretty far.

        Earlier I paddled up the Osgood from Meacham Lake. I put in at the launch site near the Meacham Lake outlet. There was plenty of parking and it was an easy put-in. The paddle first goes through a marshy area and then along the south shore of the lake to the Osgood. There's a beautiful beach on the south shore of Meacham Lake. If the weather is good, you'll want to make a stop there.

        My destination was Baker Pond and the campsite on the its esker. The paddle upriver is not a straight shot; you will have to navigate the meanders of the river carefully to stay in the main channel. Unless it was cleared, I only encountered one major obstruction (a huge pile of trees that necessitates carrying around (25 feet or so). The only problem with this trip is if the campsite at Baker Pond is taken. I didn't find any other place suitable place to camp between it and Meacham Lake. Also, I was never able to find the campsite on the south shore of Meacham Lake that is indicated on the Paddler's Map. I did write to the DEC with a request to mark it better if it is an established site. You can check my blog site for a more complete trip report:

        Because it is such a beautiful location, I am planning on going to Baker Pond again. However, next time, rather than go upstream from Meacham Lake, I will go put in near the Spring Lake outlet and go downstream.
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          Jones to Osgood isn't much of a trip. It's maybe an hour paddle if you're being leisurely. The road side sites Jones aren't bad. There is the lean to on Osgood, a lean to on the little pond between Osgood and Church pond, an a lean to on the east end of Church. None are in great shape and you won't be out of earshot of the road. Decent largemouth bass fishing throughout. Some nice smallmouth and bigger pike in Osgood.

          Osgood to Mecham is more of a trip but I haven't done it in 20 years.