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      In 2010 I bought an 8 acre woodlot, mostly Ash, Soft Maple, Cherry, and Pine. I had 4 estimates, all which included clearing an area for the house and an area for a small home orchard. The harvesting was to be very selective and nothing under 24” (outside the 2 areas).

      1 quote was going to cost me, 1 was to break even, one was estimated to be approx 1k. Those 3 were from companies. A forester gave an estimate of 3-4K low end and was very instructive.

      We ended up doing better than his estimate as well as keeping about 500 board ft of hardwood and 2k board ft of pine.
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        Originally posted by ILikeRocks View Post
        A forest ranger gave an estimate of 3-4K low end and was very instructive.
        Did you mean a DEC forester?


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          Originally posted by montcalm View Post
          Did you mean a DEC forester?
          Yes, fixed the typo, thanks.