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Allen this weekend?

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  • Allen this weekend?

    Would love to hear peoples' opinions of the likelihood of being able to do Allen this Friday with the water being so high.

    Thank you. I appreciate it.

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    Checking the gauge just now and it's at 1560 ft3/sec and increasing more gradually but not leveled off.

    I've done Allen with the water gauge at 1600 ft3/sec. And in November.
    At 1600 ft3/sec at the old 'temporary crossing' the water was thigh high. Now the path to that crossing is brushed out and not so easy to see if you'd not crossed there before.

    My last trip was July 31 this year. Now the path is going to where the suspension bridge used to be. Crossing just immediately upstream to about 3/4 the way across it's probably same depth as the old crossing. Nearing the Allen side of the crossing it's a bit deeper.

    I'd suggest if you've got other hikes left to do then let his one go until the flow has started on the decline.


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      Thank you for the info.