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Chain Lakes Rd south extended access

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  • Chain Lakes Rd south extended access

    Per the DEC Essex Chain Lakes Complex blurb

    "Motor vehicle access is extended another 1.5 miles past the gate at the Outer Gooley Parking Area on the Chain Lakes Road South (PDF) during the big game hunting season. Motor vehicle access ends at a gate at a four-vehicle parking area."

    I know the northern zone deer bow, crossbow and muzzleloading seasons will start soon.
    And I know northern zone black bear season started today.

    Are these considered "big game hunting season"?
    Has anyone been on the Chain Lakes road south during the extended access period last year? Too soon to ask about this year?

    I'm looking to reduce the carry to the Cedar River.

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    I would certainly consider it to be big game season. From looking at the dec map, it looks like the carry is just about cut in half. I would be looking to reduce the carry from the cedar rather than to it.


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      I'm just now deciding whether to further explore the Rock River from Pine Lake, or once again from the Chain Drain.
      I've only that one little piece of the Rock to witness before I commit to or abandon the idea of some sort of through trip.
      I was hoping someone here had already utilized that extended access, but maybe last year was not the best for explorations.

      BTW, I was browsing through my photos of us on that day trip...Yeah, it was a great time!


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        Originally posted by stripperguy View Post
        Per the [URL=""]

        I'm looking to reduce the carry to the Cedar River.
        This might impact things for a bit.
        Life's short, hunt hard!


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          Thanks, Buck
          I did know about the demolition and temporary closure of the road, it shouldn’t impact my travels. Such a shame, they could have put that historic building to good use.