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    Hello. I'm planning a late summer weekend trip...wanting to push my Klymit LWD a bit. I'm intrigued by this trail but can find no boat launch near to trailhead. I realize the limitations of the LWD.

    Is it hopeless given my restrictions, or is there a place to park and launch on South side of Stillwater not to far from trailhead at Big Burnt Lake?

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    If you took the ferry, there's spots on the south side of the lake where you could park and access the lake. You could also hike from Twitchell Lake to Beaver River and launch near there, which would put you closer to the Red Horse trail than the boat launch on the west end of the lake.

    But even in those circumstances, I'd be a bit iffy on taking a pack raft out onto Stillwater proper, given the lake's reputation for wind.

    I believe (but am not 100% sure) that there is a water taxi service that operates on the lake. You might be able to employ them to ferry you out to the Red Horse trail.