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ADK by-laws member voting rights?

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  • ADK by-laws member voting rights?

    The Main ADK by-laws states ALL members vote for BOD and officers. BUT.... The ADK hasn't had any elections since 2012!... that was the last time members voted.

    ALL BOD and officers have been self appointed according to a conversation I had with Mr Barret a couple years ago when he was hired n promised me something will be done to correct it.... My Barret told me the president was voted in by the appointed ADK BOD members... admittedly by him as violating members voting rights.

    THis is an egregious violation of the by-laws. But recently they updated the by-laws (voted in by the members) to eliminated the members voting rights saying the ADK will now hire experts instead of holding member elections. Why anyone would vote yes is mind boggling! Members have no say in who runs the club now.

    Since there hasnt been any member elections since 2012, all the officials n BOD have been sitting in violation of the by-laws right to this day... and have no right to speak for the members including revising by laws... shouldn't that make anything they instituted since 2012 illegal?

    Seems no one cares in this organization, until ADK says they are throwing you out for by-law infractions.

    Am I missing something here?

    Ive asked this question many times but never get a straight answer.

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    I am on a bylaws revision committee for another club. The lawyer helping us said NYS nonprofit law required member election of directors annually.

    Recently I saw in the July-August 2021 Adirondac, page 4, quoting Michael Barrett “ADK leadership has approved amending the existing bylaws to require member approval with respect to both future board members and any further bylaws revisions. We anticipate sending those changes to the membership in the fall”.

    It sounds like ADK did a poor job in last year’s bylaws revision and is now fixing their errors, possibly to comply with state law. Twenty percent of members voted against the revised bylaws last year.


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      Some of us brought this to the attention of the ADK Leadership prior to the vote.
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        Isnt it interesting how they can blow ya off on by-law violations but try to enforce it on others?

        Well my most basic question to the ADK was how can non elected officers speak for the membership or make decisions in our best interest?

        Joe, I have to take the dead fish out of my magazine n read that article.

        Id be very curious to see what a lawyer (or the attorney general) would have to say about it.


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          It reminds me how Mountain Equipment Coop demise has started.
          They brought "professionals" on the board and neglected desire of regular "members".
          Then they "modernized" the name from Mountain Equipment Coop to just MEC.
          Then marketing professional abandoned MEC grassroots and started competing with big generic retailers.
          Eventually they bankrupted this co-op and now MEC brand belongs to a private company.


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            Yury... that is exactly what I see happening with the Main ADK. Hiring professionals only increases payrolls n turns the club into a fund raiser instead of the people advocate.