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NYC Chapter sues ADK

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  • NYC Chapter sues ADK

    An exclusive downstate camp is at the heart of court filings between the New York City Chapter of the Adirondack Mountain Club and its parent organization, which voted to dissolve it last month.

    The chapter is suing the Adirondack Mountain Club over that decision.

    Full article...

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    Wow. Amazing how various constituencies of not for profits conflict.


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      Its a very complicated back story that brought them to this point.

      BTW any ADK member can come to camp as stated in their by-laws and guest policy.... just dont bring 20 kids with ya because the terrain and waterfront of the camp isnt very kid friendly, plus its a small camp and cant accommodate large groups. Members can bring kjids, but they will require close supervision.

      The law suit is prevent the ADK from taking over the chapter's money.


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        Yes, I assume it is a complicated situation which has existed for many years.

        If the "chapter's money" was originally donated to ADK (as a 501(c)(3) charity) and transferred to the chapter, how is the money now the property of the the chapter? The chapter is part of ADK, i.e., not a separate legal entity, and ADK claims based on its bylaws that it can dissolve the chapter and reclaim any remaining assets.


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          The way the ADK is set up, is that the chapters cannot accept tax-deductible donations directly AFAIK. My understanding is that all donations for chapters must be "passed through" the ADK mothership and then sent to the chapters. I thought I had read that some chapters were seperate legal entities, the NYC Chapter for one.
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            Several times I looked into possibly joining the ADK NYC chapter but after reading the requirements, to be able to actually use the camp, it is Very restrictive.
            I can truly see if Someone who doesn't have a lot of free time on his/her hands to fulfill the membership requirements to be a Nawkawan, would be left out and disappointed.
            I can see why they want to keep it to a smaller group, it is a small camp, nice but small. I enjoyed many years at the ACA camp which shares the road in and is across a cove from ADK camp. Lets see how this thing unfolds, I live less than 20 minutes from there and would love to contribute what I can and what I have time for.
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              The money was donated to Nawakwa ADK NYC chapter... not a check to the ADK. I think it was via a will of a deceased member. The pass through is how it was always done.

              As for restrictive requirements?... you think 5 hikes is too much to do in a year? most qualifying hikes are set up by the chapter as a tag along on weekends. If you cant hike... then come to a work weekend and a few other less laborious tasks that qualify to join?

              They do consider how people have lives outside of hiking, n do make concessions in some cases to extend the year to qualify. Too Restrictive? hahahahha oh, just dont think if you join you will bring your entire neighborhood of kids n friends for 2 weeks every summer... its not club med and is to be shared by everyone.

              Yeah the ACA is a great place but you pay for it! jsut like you pay through the nose upstate Johns Brook n Heart Lake. Nawakwa charges members $10/day $20 over night per person. Rates are very reasonable. Id say that's a pretty good incentive to join.... dont you?

              I guess we will see how all this pans out in the next few weeks.


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                I fail to see what a lodge at Harriman has to do with the *Adirondack* Mountain Club anyway. Why don't they affiliate with the NYNJTC or just invent their own club if they don't like ADK rules?
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