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How are the mice numbers at Nick's Lake and other places this year??

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  • How are the mice numbers at Nick's Lake and other places this year??

    I was talking to some people who said that last year there was an infestation of mice at Nick's Lake campground near Old Forge. I did a search and it seemed to be at a number of campgrounds including Fish Creek Campground. Question... has anyone experienced high numbers of mice while camping this year. My friend trapped 40 at Nick's last year and they were everywhere especially after the sun went down. Thanks, I have a site in July at Nick's and want to know what we might be heading into.

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    Last year was a bad mouse year across the entire Adirondack Park. We were catching 4 or 5 a day in my house easily, all summer long. I had mice get into my bear hang at the Island House Lean-to while paddling Long Lake to the Crusher via Raquette Falls.

    Don't know about Nick's Lake specifically, but mouse numbers are noticeably down everywhere else I've been this year. I think with last year's popular boom, there wasn't much food to go around and few survived the winter.


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      Bad in Australia also.
      Be careful, don't spread invasive species!!

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        Very few compared to the last couple years


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          Thanks for the reports. Sounds like they have declined some.


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            Last year was nuts for mice and chipmunks, both were very brazen at lean tos.
            Red means run son, numbers add up to nothing.....


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              I have noticed Chipmunks are still pretty brazen at the lean tos, at the least the ones I have been to this year. Like others have said though the mice seem to have really calmed down.
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