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Wild Rivers vs. Lean-tos

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  • Wild Rivers vs. Lean-tos

    Going back at least ten years, I recall that NY planned to phase out lean-tos along wild rivers. From the 2019 ADK Master Plan: Existing lean-tos in wild river areas may be maintained for the balance of their useful lives. Such lean-tos will not be reconstructed or replaced and will ultimately be phased out in favor of primitive tent sites . . .

    However, I am thinking that when I visited the Ouluska Lean-to last summer, it had been reconstructed after falling into a bit of disrepair. Did the work there fall under "maintenance?" If that is the case, then this lean-to will be there in perpetuity. Or has the policy changed in regards to the Cold River lean-tos? Just curious more than anything.

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    Many of the older leantos that were very close to shorelines are being repaired or reconstructed/moved at least 100 feet (100, not 150 as one might think) back from the shore, at site placements that are being directed by the DEC.
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      Is there any [plans to build the bridge over Sewards brook the stuff has been in there for years?


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        NYS Wild Rivers act specifically states lean-tos may be maintained. Sorry, the APA regulations provide for maintenance, exclude NEW.

        from SLMP...
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          I was going to ask this same question about the bridge, but I didn't want things to get too busy. So yeah, how long is that lumber going to sit there?