This easement is located between Route 28 and the railroad tracks, and is located just several miles southwest of Old Forge.

The DEC is encouraging public comment on the draft RMP, comments are due by April 23, 2021.

Here is a link to the the Press Release:

For more detail on participating, see the DEC webpage for the Black River Wild Forest located here (see the Planning and Management section near the end of the webpage):

The draft RMP proposes:
1) A 0.5-mile multiple use hiking, mountain biking, and skiing recreational trail.
2) 0.7 miles of new snowmobile trail also open to hiking and mountain biking.
3) Construction of a new lean-to near the top of Flatrock Mountain.
4) Designation of an existing logging road and snowmobile trail for ATV use by people with mobility impairments who hold a Motorized Access Program for People with Disabilities (MAPPWD) permit.
5) Construction of two accessible parking spaces along with a nearby informational kiosk; and
6) Construction of a three-car parking lot at the trailhead for one of the new trails off Minnehaha Road.

Please consider participating in this if you can contribute!