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    Reporting from tiny, remote village on the edge of wilderness though writing and photography

    Wanakena, NY: Every Thursday (around noon) for the past fifty-two weeks, those with internet access were able to experience Wanakena through writing and photography in the form of a digital newsletter called Wanakena Weekly. Readers of the weekly newsletter discovered what went down, what was on the horizon, the weather, local news, plant and animal sightings, trail conditions, Kim and Thom’s Lost Dog Report, and more! Wanakena summer folks who had closed-up their camps for the winter were able to keep-up on what’d been happening around town. Friends of Wanakena as well as the general public may have found interest and entertainment in this attempt to document and archive some of the goings-on in and around Wanakena. Wanakena Weekly is ‘broadcast’ from behind the register of Otto’s Abode in Wanakena.

    Last spring, with only five issues under Wanakena Weekly’s belt, Covid-19 changed everything. “What an extraordinary year to report on. Normally, Wanakena would be celebrating concerts on the green, public gatherings, spontaneous parties and more.” said Nolan Fedorow, author of Wanakena Weekly and co-owner/operator of Otto’s Abode. “As it turns out, some of my favorite topics to have written about and photograph were events that might have flown under the radar in a ‘normal’ year. For example: a rouge log naturally working its way down the thawing Oswegatchie River through the village. Every couple of weeks the log would relocate! It was one of the more noteworthy events transpiring during those early and unknown days of Covid-19 this past spring. Looking back, perhaps it was simply an enjoyable distraction from a seemingly unraveling world.”

    So, what’s next? Fedorow plans to continue Wanakena Weekly for at least another year. The core of the project remains the same: what are some of the things going-on in and around Wanakena? Moving forward into Wanakena Weekly’s second year, Fedorow invites reader participation with the Wanakena Weekly project though writing, photography and cartoon submissions. Fedorow added: “The project has been ripening. I look back on early issues of Wanakena Weekly, it was really just figuring itself out. Maybe a year from now it will be a radio station or something.”

    About Otto’s Abode: Otto’s Abode is a store/visitor’s center/exhibition and performance space located in the heart of Wanakena, NY right next to the post office. Visit Otto’s Abode in person at 6 Hamele street in Wanakena, NY or through their website:, where you’ll find Wanakena Weekly. Otto’s Abode is celebrating five years serving the community.