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    Not to divert the convo from hunting too much, but I don't find a lot of need to bushwhack in the Adirondacks. There are just so many trails for the amount of time I get to spend there. Even when I went frequently I was never exhausted of options and I constantly learn of new ones I never even thought to look into.

    I do whack off trails here and there, and if I camp somewhere I may whack around a bit. I usually always find game or herd trails too. But there is a lot of woods, so you really gotta get out a lot to get to a point where you are doing some serious whacking.

    My main activity this time of year is clearing places where I'll be skiing. And if there's early snow I might cross some hunters. But at that point I can see quite far in the woods, so if I see someone sitting or walking in orange or red, I stay clear.


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      Our interests are similar! I also clear places to ski.

      But my main avocation is looking for "new" rock climbing cliffs. That leads me to a lot of bushwhacking.


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        I enjoy looking for cliffs as well, not really to climb but to admire.

        If I was a hunting on public land I'd probably pick a hundred acres ± and really get to know it - food sources, bedding areas, trails, etc... I've been around hunting all my life and people who hunt their land successfully do all these things.

        There's no guarantee a storm won't knock something down during winter, but it's nice to know what you're skiing over if you're doing some off-trail dh. Snow cover is too low in these parts to risk it.