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  • Trail Closed?

    Anyone hear of a high peaks trail being closed? I had a neighbor who said that he heard a high peak trail (didn't know what one) was closed because of over use (1500 people in one day). This is a rumor so I was just curious if anyone else heard of this. I suspect it isn't true but thought I'd try to substantiate it.

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    I don't know about that number, but were they perhaps referring to Owl's Head in Keene?

    Or maybe they were referring to the trail over the Hitch-Up-Matildas around Avalanche Lake? This closure is just temporary for repairs. http://www.adirondackdailyenterprise...ose-this-week/
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      Same here. The only two I have heard of are the same two that CR mentioned.

      Of note, Owl's Head is being closed not due to usage level, but due to inadequate and inconsiderate parking. IMO, if adequate parking had been created at the base of the road by route 73, this entire "problem" would never have happened. Instead, the policy of trying to limit trail use through inadequate parking (yes, it's a DEC policy) has resulted in inconvenience for locals, and the loss of a trail.


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        Avalanche Pass is closed from 8/15/17 to 8/25/17 for maintenance on the Hitch Up Matildas


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          Where did the neighbor hear it from?
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            I wondered the same thing. In speaking directly with the Cascade 46er Trailhead Steward, I was told that on a recent holiday weekend day, there were approximately 650 hikers going in that trail. That's a huge number, but I drive by there all the time and see all the cars, so I believe it. And that is BY FAR the most used trail in the High Peaks. So I also would like to know the source of the "1500" number.