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  • Question about weather

    Hi Everyone,

    While camping this past late week and weekend my family and I had a great trip up to Indian Lake that will be a memory for us for a long time to come. The lake and the beach and weather started out to be splendid. Just how its planned when reserving the spot back in February right ... ?
    . !st day perfect mostly. Got there about 1pm Thursday. Nice. The skies danced around a bit for the middle of the day with thunder here and there but was a good day. I had learned the forecast so I knew it could eventually be a potential for storms and rain so we had prepared.
    The second day was a bit shakier .... Hit and miss lightning and thunder. By about 4 pm it all started.
    It rained hard and kept raining hard and the four of us are trying to figure out how much rain we ended up with near Lewey Lake campground. Rained almost non stop from about 4pm Friday to about 9 am Saturday with storms even before and after those times. Yes it did stop a bit once here or there but was almost relentless.
    Fun time in the tent for 2 adults, two kids and two dogs. Some small leaks and a leaky air mattress sure added to the excitement ! Thanks for trivia and cards and radio and the luck of making dinner right before the rain, we managed. Long loud night

    My question ....

    I was looking to see if anyone knew of a site where I could roughly pinpoint how much precipitation that we had received on those dates. We are all curious. Also was wondering if there was a most accurate weather resource for the Adirondacks central and southern. I have searched around a bit but I would like to see if anyone has any additional info other than the local weather info that I receive from the capital area.
    Thanks for hearing my story.

    Any help appreciated ... !

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