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  • Indian Lake Camping - Island

    This will be my wife and I's first time camping at Indian Lake and first time camping on an island. We have done plenty of car camping and wanted to try something different. We have an island site in John Mack Bay for the week this summer and had a few questions for the community or anyone experienced with camping there.

    -Has anyone rented a boat from the Marina in Sabael/Do we need to provide our own gas can as a backup if we plan to fish the lake?
    -Do you have a best way you keep your food secure from mice or other critters while there?
    -Do you keep a cooler while on the island?
    -Do you keep your car at the Lewey Lake boat launch for the week while camping?
    -Is Lewey Lake the source for potable water/showers after a hike?
    -Any other tips for an experienced car camper looking to try out island camping with a boat??

    Thank you everyone in advance!

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    Hi Frank, welcome to Adkforum.
    - You may wish to contact the Indian Lake Marina about the boat rental and gas questions if you haven't tried that already.
    - The best way to keep your food safe from critters is to hang your food high enough & far out enough so bears/mice/squirrels/raccoons/etc can't reach it, or use a bear canister or two, but I wouldn't imagine that you would have too many troubles on an island site, even with a cooler.
    - There is a large parking area near the DEC campground boat launch on Indian Lake across the road from Lewey Lake, where your car should be safe for the week.
    - And yes, Lewey Lake Campground has showers and fresh water.
    - The water level on Indian Lake can fluctuate, so be sure to be very cautious of rocks etc just under the surface, especially when the water is low.
    -Also, in case you are unaware, here are the links for Indian Lake Islands Campground, and for Lewey Lake Campground, which has some more info.
    Hope this helps, good luck to you.


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      Thank you very much for the reply Justin! We are new to boat camping and glad for the tips!


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        Mr dank,
        Since it sounds like you'll have motorized assistance, there are a couple of don't miss spots you will want to visit.
        Try to include a trip to Baldface Mt, the hike up is easy and is a water access only trailhead. The views are great!
        Another spot you'll want to see is Dug Mt Brook Falls, about as far up the Jessup as you can go most years. There is a beautiful set of cascades near the Jessup and a much taller cascade just a bit upstream. Both are really worth the trip.


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          I suspect the marina will allow you to park by their facility (unload then park it uphill).

          A hard plastic cooler with a strap around it will deter most small critters. Locking buckets (I use cleaned out pool chemical drums) work well for nearly everything. Hang them for added protection against bruins.

          In summer the lake is your shower or bath (no soap) or bring a "sun shower" to warm, then hang from a trree, as my wife loves.

          Camping on an island there is great (done it twice on Indian lake). Keep an eye out for eagles.

          Explore hiking and don't miss Baldface. Easy hike with a great view.


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            Thank you very much Stripperguy, I will definitely have to check out those trails and views!

            Thank you Bob, that is a great idea with the strap and cooler, I will definitely have to implement it. We were planning on grabbing a shower bag to rinse off with.


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              Mr dank,

              Here are a few photos to show you the views from Baldface, and give you a peek at the falls.

              The trailhead is in the bay in the middle of the scene

              View SE from summit

              Lower falls

              Upper falls, you can get a feel for the height, see MDB standing at the top?
              She's 5'6"...

              Have fun when you go and be sure to post a TR and plenty of photos.