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  • Easiest route to Skylight

    Hi there! I am fairly new to the forum, so feel free to correct me at any time. So I'm looking to climb my 11th high peak this summer and I already knocked off the top 3, so I thought why not get #4 Skylight, plus I heard it had a pretty boss view at the top. Recently I hiked Algonquin from the adk loj trailhead, a woman told me that Skylight is accessible from the loj, but it would be a very long hike and would probably take the whole day. So I was wondering if anybody knew the easiest route to Skylight by telling me the trailhead and a rough estimate of how many miles to the summit and/or how long it would take? Thanks -Peter

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    In short there is no quick way to get to Skylight. You can go from Upper Works, the Loj, the Garden, or even Elk Lake. You can easily determine the mileages and elevation ascent using the map/guidebook for each.


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      I would go in from Elk Lake, no crowds, and a very pleasant walk in.


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        you can get there by over marcy on a Nice day, 7 miles to marcy then decend to four corners and out av pass, or from lake arnold trail passing Mt Colden turn and then left going thru lake tear of the clouds and upper over marcy on way back, two nice loops..depends on the weather day, or in and out the same way...depends on your thirst... If you go to the , sister to this one, link at top, thats youll find many answers as that site is 98% about the high peaks..good luck and good climbing
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          The 'easiest' way is probably from upper works via flowed lands and the opalescent river. It's a beautiful hike. The Elk lake route is verrryyyy long, but you do get to see panther gorge.


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            Next time I climb it (non-winter) I'm going out and back via Marcy. RT is just shy of 18 miles, but not that difficult, with maximum time above treeline. And you get to climb Marcy twice!

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