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Cell Service at DEC Campgrounds

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  • Cell Service at DEC Campgrounds

    I'm curious which state (DEC) campgrounds in the Adirondacks have decent cell service for Spectrum Mobile. Forget their map, it's not 100% reliable. I want to set up some solo, mid-week work-and-play camping/fishing trips, including possibly in late August. And when my wife retires in a few years, she'll gladly join me.

    Up until a few years ago when I changed jobs, I really wasn't a cellphone person, and I pretty much ditch it on weekends or go places where there's no service. But if I do this, I need to be connected at times, mainly for a wi-fi hot-spot. So, I'm curious to hear of others experiences at DEC campgrounds, or even free campsites (for a small RV). I know Lake Harris and Nicks Lake are pretty solid, and heard Eaton and Fish Creek are as well. But I'd like to know about others. Thanks in advance!
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    I've camped at Rollins Pond, which is next door to Fish Creek, and the cell service is very sketchy there. I use Verizon and Spectrum also uses Verizon. Lincoln Pond might be good, since it's right next to the Northway (between exits 30 & 31).


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      I have stayed at quite a few campsites Middle and Lower Saranac Lakes, all of them with pretty decent cell service, but that might not be helpful because I think they are all boat access only. I can confirm there is at least some cell service at the Eighth Lake Campground, I have never stayed there but do remember having service while portaging through it.
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