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Port Leyden/Lyonsdale area

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  • Port Leyden/Lyonsdale area

    Looking for some information regarding this area specifically Mooser River Rd area and a bit north.

    Interested in land in this area for a ski cabin mostly to visit Snow Ridge, McCauley, Lesser Wilderness, Haderondah, Pigeon Lakes, BREIA, Five Ponds, with the occasional trip to North Creek.

    I ski in this area frequently, but I'm unfamiliar with this particular area. It looks like it could be a good base for a cabin and I frequently see land for sale. Inside or outside the blue line as fine as long roads are plowed and I can readily get over to Rt 28 along Moose River Rd. Also would not like to be directly along a snowmobile route as the noise is not something I enjoy.

    I plan on doing some more exploring in this area to familiarize myself with the back roads but for now I figure this is a good start.


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    I just bought 5 acres on quiet waterfront in the Forestport area a couple miles from Rte 28 and plan to build a cabin there next spring. I also told real estate agents that if it is advertised as being near ATV or snowmobile trails, then I am not interested, forget about selling anything like that to me. I did a couple months of homework and in the end I did not need to use an agent. Look around, there is land available near the area where you are looking. Zillow will give clues to get you started in the right direction.
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      I have no plans to use an agent and I have been looking for quite some time. Where you bought is on my radar as well but I know that area better.

      I have no interest in waterfront, just a quiet 4 season road that is either in the park or very near the western edge. It's not worth it to me if it's too far north, south or west.

      I need to take a trip up there and talk with some of the towns, see what building restrictions are outside the blue line for them and see if I can get some copies of tax maps. I'm not sure how good they are about giving that stuff out but I've seen some counties have started to post that data free online - unfortunately, not the ones I'm looking at.


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        Waterfront or not, you need to check the NYSDEC wetlands map. As a bonus on that map site you get the tax parcels delineated with their tax number.

        To find the wetlands map go here:
        Then click on the "Enter Environmental Resource Mapper" for the NY wetlands map. Zoom in to the area of interest. Then Click on wetland and reference layers options (tax map) and you will get parcel outlines mapped (with GPS coordinates) with the tax numbers. Check the individual town web pages to get tax numbers referenced to names of landowners to contact to see if they are potential sellers.

        I can say this process works great for finding info for land within the town of Forestport. Not sure about other nearby towns. Tonya, the tax assessor, and Lance, the Codes Officer were extremely helpful. I had a DEC ecologist come out to walk the land to officially certify that none of my land was in wetland, even though the DEC map indicated that a part of it was. People have bought land in the area not far away before checking, only to find that their land was legally unbuildable due to wetland restrictions.

        My property is a couple of miles outside (west) of the official blue line. Not too many locally-imposed restrictions. I'm sure you know that building restrictions are much greater after you cross to get inside that colored line.
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        "Now I see the secret of making the best person, it is to grow in the open air and to eat and sleep with the earth." -Walt Whitman


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          Hey, thanks for that map link!

          I wouldn't want to build on wetland anyway, even if it were legal

          And yes, I'm aware of the blue line restrictions. I don't know if I want a septic right away, but I won't buy any land unless it is approved for one. Definitely want a well, and that's going to have to be approved as well.

          Ideally, just outside the Blue line would be easier, but if the ducks are in a row, I won't shy away from either.

          I tend to think you pay a premium for land inside the blue line, even if it's just woodlot, but perhaps that's not always true. At any rate, the stuff I find that seems too cheap to be true usually has some strings attached to it if it's in the park.


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            Montcalm, sent you a PM