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Hudson River Recreation Area - 10/12/19

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  • Hudson River Recreation Area - 10/12/19

    I biked north from Lake Luzerne to the Hudson River Recreation Area on a beautiful fall day. The road transitioned from pavement, to dirt, to a path as I headed north. I turned around when the path was difficult to follow at just past 10 miles from the start. Road surfaces were generally pretty smooth except for some washboard and soft sections on the town maintained dirt road. The path beyond the end of the seasonal road in the Hudson River Rec Area is more suitable for mountain bikes. There were very few cars on any of the roads. The views of the Hudson River and surrounding hills were beautiful throughout the trip. This area has many options for biking and hiking - the best hikes are bushwhacks to the open summits. A few pictures from my trip.
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    Nice photos! Sounds like a pretty neat trip. That area is very scenic and often underappreciated. It's a shame, because it has so much to offer. I've got to get up there again, soon
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      Agreed, that’s a fun area to explore for sure. Nice photos!
      I made a map of all the trails, campsites, and interesting bushwhack routes in that area if anyone is interested shoot me a pm.


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        With some effort and a mountain bike you can ride all the way through to the Hickory Ski center. Although the trails are getting harder to navigate in some spots due to branches and blow downs, etc,. I spent sometime and put a few trail rides on the 'trailforks' app. for those who are interested. It's been a few years since I went all the way through. This year I stopped at Ferguson Brook crossing as the spring run off had the water a little too deep to cross. But its usually not much more than ankle deep during the summer and well worth the scenery.
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          I would like to make it all the way through someday. Probably not this year with rifle season for deer about to start, maybe late next summer. I'll check out your rides on trailforks for ideas.


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            Looks like a nice ride! Do you know if the Hudson is generally deep enough to paddle there? I might like to do an overnighter with my bikeraft, ride up and paddle back.
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