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Three bobcats?

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  • Three bobcats?

    On 12/27, I was driving slowly down a seasonal dirt road in Franklin County on my way to a hike when I saw a bobcat walk onto the road from the right with a second bobcat following closely behind. Almost immediately, they saw/heard my vehicle, turned around and jumped back into the brush. As I drove up to the spot in the road they had departed from, I was able to look down an access trail along a swamp. Lo and behold, there were three bobcats! They all appeared to be the same size, though I only had about three seconds total to observe them before they disappeared from view down the trail.

    I had been under the impression that most wild cats were solitary creatures. Has anyone else seen or heard of multiple bobcats hanging out together outside cub raising season?

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    What you saw was pretty rare. It's a bit early, but my guess is that one was a female and she came into heat


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      It may have also been a mother cat with her cubs. I read they can stay together for about 10 months. Regardless, that's a very cool sighting!