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What Adirondack animal "hisses" like a large angry cat?

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    I have nothing useful to add...

    But I did once have a bobcat stalk my campsite. It walked around the perimeter of the fire but didn't get any closer than 10-15 yards.

    It never made a sound that I could hear, but we could shine the flashlight on it and see it's eyes and face.

    I was going to mention a Fisher - but I honestly can't think of anything that would do what you describe and I've heard some scary sounds in the woods - screeches, howls and moans from bobcats, foxes and coyotes.


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      I was thinking of owls, too. Long-eared Owls make a cat-like noise, and Barred Owls make all kinds of noises -- surprisingly loud.


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        Originally posted by Wldrns View Post
        My bobcat strory:

        All of a sudden a nearby bobcat (so I was told) let out the most blood curdling scream you can imagine. After that there was no longer any problem of me wandering too far away from my parents.
        Hunting near Taylor Pond when I was in college. My partner came off as a tough guy, but it was nearly dark and we were on our way out and had just spotted some tracks in the snow we thought were a fox or bobcat. Then the cat screamed just as you described it. The tough guy grabbed my arm and said, "what the hell was that?" My sisters spent a sleepless night one summer after one let out near our home.

        Perhaps, in this case, a fox?
        A fox on a rock. It's barking at something. At least it's making a barking-like noise. I'm no fox expert, so it could be singing for all I know.

        Deer snort:

        I've had both carry on for several minutes.
        Life's short, hunt hard!