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Interesting find in the Adirondacks

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  • Interesting find in the Adirondacks

    Cruised a woodlot in the western ADKs today. Came across an old lumber camp from the 20’s or 30’s, found these old sleigh runners from horse or Linn Tractor log sleighs left there.
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    Nice find, found similar sleigh runners (only 2) at the top of Cellar Mountain off of the Moose River Plains road. Love finding older items in the woods! (have found old crocks, jars, trucks, a gas pump, and a bunch more.)



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      I too like to find remnants of old logging camps ,etc. and believe it should be left where it lays. Yes, there is a old car on the side of the trail to Sly Pond in the Moose River Plains. I think Left there by logging crews when Gould Paper owned the property.


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        Fully believe in leaving it where it is found for others to find! (I only collect pictures and GPS points.) Found an old truck near Little Moose Lake (off of Wilson Ridge Trail)
        Found the Crock near the remains of an old logging camp near confluence of Buell and Dillon Brooks, quite a hike, but amazing country!

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          Did some research, the sleigh runners are actually earlier than 1920s. The lumber camp was part of the Monyhian Bros logging operation contracted out by Willam S Webb. They ran 2 lumber camps and had the shortest timber contract Webb let out,2 years. Most of the timber contracts Webb gave out were for 8 years. Once the contracts duration expired , the land was conveyed to the state. Remnants of the Moynihan Rd are still visible from Beaver River Station to the Belfort/ Long Pond Road .