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    OK thanks a bunch there PH, now you have my wheels spinning
    You said you have a 1902 forest commission map. How often were those published? I have seen a 1909 and I would not have thought they updated them with such frequency? Is the map you are talking about the hard cover type with fold out maps inside?

    Nice to meet a fellow map addict.
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      LOL- thought I had your #, najobzly.

      Yes, that's the 4 fold out maps with the hard cover.

      Here's a link I found, while trying all kinds of web searches for the one I'm looking for:

      There's a couple F-Commission maps listed in there....down towards the bottom. Of course, if you want to buy a few more other types of maps, while perusing there.....I'm sure, your wife will appreciate it!
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        That's quite a site, but wow!! Big $$$$. I am sure the wife would love a few $400 maps.... great x-mas idea! The lake george map by S.R. stoddard would be something to have
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          Antique totp maps

          I have several Antique maps of the NYS and many of the Adirondacks, please let me know if you are interested.

          Thank Tom


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            Realize this is an old thread, but thought people might find this old topo useful.

            USGS 15 minute quadrangles produced from 1895 to 1910 covering the Adirondack Park

            Web Map

            Services Page from ArcGIS (for other tile server choices)

            Found on the Adirondack Park Agency Website


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              Totally off rhe subject

              Read your map request and can't help you with that. But your mention of your dad working for IPC in GF made me recall an incident back in the early 1960's when a friend and I were hunting around the IPC land by O'Neill Flow off of Rt 28. We were back by the river by the flow and were approached by a somewhat panicky young lady who had gotten separated from her husband while patrolling the area for IRC. We brought her out to the road (she couldn't stop to rest because she had had a prior medical condition that caused her legs to cramp if she rested to long). Upon hitting the dirt road, she was reunited with her husband who (along with a lot of other people) was searching for her. Think her name was Sandy. I recall she sent my friend (at his request) a top map with IP's property lines penciled in. Do you recall any of that adventure?


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                Another very helpful link that shows many older topo maps.
                Explore, interact, and download USGS topographic maps free of charge from topoView.


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                  I've been trying to get to the site listed at the start of this post;

                  It seems to be off-line. Does anyone have any info?


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                    I have it here:
                    This historical collection of USGS 15 minute topographic maps dates from the 1890s to the 1950s. Geographic coverage is complete for New Hampshire and nearly complete for the rest of New England.
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