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  • Bibliomania

    For any Adirondack history nerds out there, I stumbled upon this shop yesterday while searching for a specific title.

    I ordered a book from them, and we'll see how it goes. Seems legit enough. If it's not, I'm a fool parted with $20. If it's as it claims, it has some interesting stuff.

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    Update - this place is 100%. Got my book. I think it was actually new, I thought it was going to be used. Better than expected.

    I have zero affiliation, but I'm a fan - I'll be back.


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      Thanks for the info. Looks interesting.
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        I?m glad you posted this. I fondly remember shopping the brick and mortar version of this store on Jay Street in Schenectady in the 80s. It was a great place to browse and I still have an autographed copy of The Adirondacks: a Special World, a collection of photographs of the park by Bill Healy, the owner of the store. I had no idea the business still existed.