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    Now deceased, Paul of Upper Jay NY, is someone who shouldn't be forgotten.
    He owned and ran a small gas station/gunstore there in Upper Jay and may have been the inventor of the 'Adirondack Fur Fish' and had the photos and stories to prove it.
    The store was originally his selling household appliances but gunsmithing I guess was more interesting and more profitable?
    He could be quite funny and he could play some good tricks on tourists and locals alike. A born story teller with wit. He once told an unsuccessful New Jersey hunter who had asked what the secret to bagging a nice buck, Paul said, Go in the woods and make a noise like an apple. The man paid for his gas and thanked Paul and left. 3am the phone rang and when Paul answered it was the man from New Jersey. He'd been up all night wondering what kind of noise an apple
    Another time a man stopped for gas and when Paul went out to pump it the man asked if he could go inside. Paul said sure I have a friend inside.
    When Paul went back in the man very quickly paid for his gas and a candy bar then left.
    Paul's friend spoke up and said, That guy sure was strange, every time I got near him to speak to him he moved away.
    Paul said to his friend. I told him you were a pickpocket!
    One helluva a hunter he had lots of mounted deer heads.
    His grandfather, O.M.Robinson, had invented/manufactured Robinson Rifles which Winchester bought the patents for and put him out of business figuring they were better than theirs.
    Paul owned a collection of those old firearms and I got to handle them...a rare treat.
    He was also kind and generous.
    He was born 1904 and died 1995.
    His ancestors were noted for making violins and examples are in the ADK Museum.
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    Thanks for sharing. I love hearing ole' timer stories. Wish I had met him.


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      Dave he definitely was memorable. I know a few other of his stories, one true, one maybe true and two others far fetched-makes me laugh thinking about them, but I'd have to mention a couple real names so I won't, tho both guys are now deceased and 'characters' in their own right.