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Cold River Cable Car Crossing

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  • Cold River Cable Car Crossing

    The paddling guide Adirondack Canoe Waters: North Flow mentions that while paddling the Cold River Canyon below Duck Hole, the remains of a cable car crossing can be spotted along the river. Has anyone here ever found these remains? Even better: Does anyone have a GPS point, or at least a general sense of where they might be located?

    In looking through old topo maps, the only evidence I can find of a trail ever having crossed the river here shows up on the 1904 USGS map for the area.

    Of course, that particular paddling guide was originally published in the 70s- and I can't imagine that the Cold River is a stretch that was re-paddled prior to each new edition. So what was once easy to find back then could very well be permanently lost to history by now.

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    Interesting. I have the '75 edition and there's no mention of this. I guess you have an earlier one?

    I saw nothing on the NP in several visits and nothing from the horse trail in one visit. However, I did run across the remains of a "camp" not too far south of the horse trail ford of CR near Duck Hole. The camp appears to have been burned, but had quite a few folding metal chairs, the kind you'd find at a family gathering or a cheap wedding reception.

    There's also rumor of a Barringer Brake somewhere in Ouluska Pass. I know of some folks who have gone looking for it, but AFAIK, it hasn't been found.

    The CR seems to have many secrets, who knows how many are fact.


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      Years ago I came up on the remains of what I thought was towers on the side of the river below the canyon. I've been back there a few times an haven't been able to find them, It I recall it was above the Northern leantos.


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        Sharpe Swan has definitely found the Barringer brake up on, I believe, the south ridge of Seymour. As for the cable crossing, perhaps the rush of water when the Duck Hole dam breached in 2011 washed the towers away.
        Every time that wheel turns round, bound to measure just a little more ground.


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          Someone please refresh my memory. About when were the Barringer Break and also the cable crossing set up?


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            Just in case Tony doesn't see this right away... I think the brake was put in in the early 1900's. Noah John moved in in 1912 after the Santa Clara Lumber Co. moved out.


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              Thanks dundee