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    These themed threads seem to be popular, so let's try another. I backpack and canoe camp pretty frequently, so I have quite a few campsite photos. Here are a few of my favorites, all taken in the Adirondacks.

    Anyone want to share?

    1 & 2: Slim Pond, Blue Ridge Wilderness, 2007
    3: Devorse Creek, Silver Lake Wilderness, 2001
    4: Split Rock Bay, Pharaoh Lake Wilderness, 2006
    5: Siamese Ponds, 2007
    6: Tongue Mountain Range, 2006
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    I love that last one. that could be a magazine cover.
    He found himself wondering at times, especially in the autumn, about the wild lands, and strange visions of mountains that he had never seen came into his dreams.


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      Sweaty Socks

      After a long day of hiking the Blackhead Range in the Catskills, we set up camp and I proceeded to change into a dry pair of socks. I reached into my bag and realized I forgot to pack fresh ones. This is what I had to resort to:

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        I was looking at Lumberzacs photos on webshots and liked that spot that wildriver had in the last photo. I agree, great place to camp, and a nice photo, makes me want to go there (which I am, in a few weeks).

        Never been to the Tongue in the warmer weather and I'm hoping there is plenty of snow like my last adventures there. I hate snakes (sorry windsong, if you read this, I think all snakes should come equiped with bells to alert people of their presence, rattles don't qualify). I love winter tent camping so the tongue makes a nice trip with few restrictions. plus water is no longer an issue.

        Slant Rock @ -25F in 2005...

        Tongue Range in 2003 on a nice warm night/ need to be enschrined in the tent (and you all thought I was committed to being in the tent 100% of the time from the winter camping debate!!! nope, when it's 30F, windless, and a beautiful sunset is approaching I'm all for adding a layer and sitting outside)

        Lean-to in West Canada Lakes Wilderness, c. 2006...

        Osgood River 2007...

        Raquette River (carry falls)...

        Hitchins Pond 2004 (on good old fashioned film, too bad the smoke blurred her face a bit)...

        Self Portrait at Stoney Pond (2006), got to fill the night with something...

        Lake Colden listed on the flickr caption some quotes as I prepared to go to sleep

        Christian eating breakfast while Caney takes a nap at a lean-to on Lake Colden. He stupidly only took a 40F bag and while it wasn't cold at 25F for the low, he didn't get much sleep. I heard the two of them shivering all night, it nearly kept me awake. In the morning i woke up and they were spooning.

        Quote of the night,

        Christian with teeth chattering: "It's f'ing cold."

        Me: "Yeah, these 20F bags don't have draft collars anymore. I guess I can stuff my fleece vest around my neck." (meanwhile, I'm toasty warm wearing only my base layers with a bag full of dry clothing stuffed under my head).

        Christian: "F' you and your draft collar. This whole bag needs a draft collar."

        Me: Zzzzzzzz

        Same trip after a good nights sleep I awake to this scene, taken on film, 15 second exposure using a self timer and ultrapod from the comfort of my bag (never said I wasn't lazy)....


        "As to every healthy boy with a taste for outdoor life, the northern forest -the Adirondacks- were to me a veritable land of enchantment." -Theodore Roosevelt

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          Great photos so far! Keep 'em coming.

          Hobbitling: Glad you liked the Tongue Range photo. Thanks. I've had similar ideas for it, so who knows where it might turn up some day?

          Justin: My campsites look so serene and peaceful, and your lean-tos look like bachelor pads! Now I know who not to camp with! Just kidding.

          Here are a few more I came across, from Long Pond (near Speculator) in 2005.
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            Liberty Ridge, Mt Rainier

            Cranberry lake

            Little Tupper (Rock Pond)

            When a 2 year old helps re-build a firepit, Follensby Clear Pond


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              Great pic,what a cute kid. I remember those days. My daughter is 19 now. It was easier then.



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                Originally posted by ADKHUNTER View Post
                Great pic,what a cute kid. I remember those days. My daughter is 19 now. It was easier then.

                Ain't that the truth!
                “Death is the only wise advisor that we have. Whenever you feel, as you always do, that everything is going wrong and you're about to be annihilated, turn to your death and ask if that is so. Your death will tell you, 'I haven't touched you yet.” Carlos Castenada


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                  5 Ponds Wilderness
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                    Thanks, Wildriver, for another interesting photo thread. Here are 4 photos of campsites where we have stayed overnight.
                    1) Greenland Pond (Adirondacks)
                    2) Grand Canyon - Monument Creek Campground (This is a solar open-air toilet)
                    3) Grand Canyon - Hermit Creek Campground (The securely-fastened lead box keeps food out of reach of animals)
                    4) Utah - Buckskin Gulch Campsite near the confluence of Buckskin Gulch and the Paria River Canyon. The unusual holes in the rocks behind the tent, we surmised, are homes to tiny creatures.
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                      [ QOUTE ]; Grand Canyon - Monument Creek Campground (This is a solar open-air toilet)

                      I have a friend who would die to have one of those at one of our campsites, and I'm thinking the rest of us would want him to have it too, especially the open air part!


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                        Here are a few more for the collection:

                        1: Bumps Pond, Lake George Wild Forest, 2006
                        2 & 3: Cat Mountain Pond, Five Ponds Wilderness, 2005
                        4 & 5: November Falls, "Cotton Lake Wilderness," 2006
                        6: Cooking on the old Twin Lakes Reservoir dam. The earthen top of the dam makes a good campsite! "Cotton Lake Wilderness," 2006
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                          Some pictures from 2004. The first one is at the Cedar Lakes--if only the sun had been out, because I like the composition of this one. Without the sun, there wasn't much I could do.

                          The other two are on the Cedar River, near Carry Pond.
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                            Campsite at Winding Falls, on the lower Bog River. One of the nicer spots I visited last summer.
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                              I saw these parked near North Lake this past fall. The one on wheels is my new dream house.
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