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Embedding Images In Your Posts

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  • Embedding Images In Your Posts

    How to embed/link to images when posting on ADK Forum

    1 - Get an image hosting account. Here's a link to a thread with instructions on how to access your free ADK Forum account, and a few alternative sites if you don't want to use ours.

    2a - When you want an image to show up type [ img][/ img] (no spaces before "img"). This feature also appears in the toolbar above the message area as an icon for inserting an image. This button automates the process for you.

    2b - If you do not know the URL/web address/link for the photo, easiest means of finding it would be to right-click the image with your mouse and go to properties on the menu that appears. When the properties window opens you can then highlight the "Address: (URL)" field, using your keyboard CRTL-C to copy and CRTL-V to paste the address into your img tags. You can also select "Edit" from the file menu at the top of the internet explorer screen to copy and paste.

    2c - Some hosts will provide you with the web link to the picture right below the photo in your gallery. Be sure to look around the picture's page for anything that mentions linking.

    The trick is having a place (host) to put your pictures that allows you to do this. Many hosts charge extra for "hot linking", or allowing you to bring the image up on a webpage other than their own. The reason this is a big deal is that their server, where your picture is stored, has to send the picture out each time someone requests it and that's how bandwidth gets used.
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    Imbedding Photos from Dr0pB0x

    Looking for tips on how to imbed photos from Dr0pB0x into posts here. I did find out that the image MUST be located in the Public folder in order to make it available for "hot linking". I just revised the image in the Pharaoh Lake #2 thread by a direct imbed. (see here: ) However, the image is so big, it really is impractical to view.

    Any tips on how to make this work better? I see that Dr0pB0x attempts to limit this function, but now I know that using a link from my "Public" folder gets me closer than I've been able to get before.