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Anyone ever do any hiking in Shenandoah?

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  • Anyone ever do any hiking in Shenandoah?

    a couple of friends and i are planning a week long trip to Shenandoah. probably a couple base camp deals with tons of day hiking. anyone know of any good areas for around mid-June. also if you know of any areas that have some relatively easy free-climbing, i'm all ears. thanx.

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    I know it is not exactly what you had in mind, but might be worth considering... hiking the AT to Shenandoah National Park. I have done the trip (well most of this trip but a buddy got sick and we had to jump ship a few miles before the park, and were picked up by a Bill Bryson lookalike).

    You can leave your car in Harpur's Ferry West Virginia and hike south on the trail, crossing the Shenandoah River, going through snicker's gap and ashby gap, and eventually hit a stretch of trail known as "the rollercoaster". Pretty good time, lots of good people on that trail. worth considering.



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      Can'rt help you with the free climbing there, but I stayed at Big Meadows campground 2 years ago over Easter weekend and dayhiked for a couple of days. The hiking on the AT is heaven compared to PA or New England. It is rolling, but very nice trails.
      Not really comparabvle at all to hiking in the adirondacks. I found we made great time. My first day I wore my heavier hiking boots and they were absolutely overkill. I switchd to my NEw balance 807's for days 2 & 3 and cruised. I found the mileage to almost roll undermy feet. Won't need gaitors either - I learned that the first time I set foo on the AT - At least not the knee high crocs. the smaller ankle gaitors might be nice to keep trail debris out.

      The campgrounds all have bear boxes (at least Matthews Arm and Big Meadows do) they put them in the day beforeI showed up - They were huge and very nice & clean.

      Big meadows has gas station, nice resupply store and a resturant. You can also rent cabins if you prefer.

      Good luck
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