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Katahdin via the Knife's Edge trail

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  • Katahdin via the Knife's Edge trail

    Anybody up for an overnight weekday/weekend trip to Katahdin via the Knife's Edge trail this Fall?
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    I would be, but not until next year. I've drained my vacation dry and can't afford to take sick days with new management.


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      Very cool hike (scramble). I hope you have your reservations. I was up there this past August, had a great time. It would be nice to go again, but like Kevin, vacation time is limited for myself.
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        Just a comment...I did Mt. Katahdin via Knife Edge this past September. It is beautiful countryside and Mountain. Knife edge is an exciting rock scramble.
        You have to plan carefully though...they will close the trail if the weather is too severe. Besure to arrive early. (I was recommended to be there before 5:30am) We did and did not have a problem getting in.
        Unfortunately, we thought we had picked a clear day, but it was a bit overcast when we arrived at Baxter Peak (Katahdin), so the view was minimal. The very next day was spectacular...crystal clear blue skies...there is a logging road that runs all the way to Canada (the name escapes me now, the locals will surely know) is might see a Moose on this road (we did).
        I met a group of hikers at the top of Katahdin from New woman had a 46r patch on...I chatted with her, but never got a name. She had recently finished her Winter 46.
        Good is well worth the effort getting there.