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    Which trail are you talking about? The Big Otter Truck trail goes through the Wilderness area and is not open to 'bilers to my knowledge
    Wilderness area = no snowmobiles, Wild Forest = ok for snowmobiles? Is this right? I know there are different things you can do on each. Not sure where bikes fit in.
    A few years ago there was a preliminary listing of bike routes published. I think by the ADK. It was spiral bound and there was talk of it becoming a guide book. Not sure what happened to it and I gave my copy away when I moved out west. It was blue covered which is about what I remember about it.
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      Originally posted by Creekwader
      Which trail are you talking about? The Big Otter Truck trail goes through the Wilderness area and is not open to 'bilers to my knowledge. The town did however reach an agreement with some hunting clubs to allow snowmobile access on trails that were traditionally closed on private land I believe.
      Creekwader's correct.

      Off topic aside: That reminds me, the lean-to at Pine Lake has recently been rebuilt. FYI
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        Vandeman is a trail nazi

        Moutain bikers are one of the leading advocates of proper trail use and maintenance. The leading advocacy group? IMBA Not a plug folks, just a link The problem is with 1 out of 10 MTB'ers that don't follow proper ettiquette. If I had a penny for every unethical thing I see in the woods, we all would be rich, and very poor at the same time. Narrowmindedness is not condusive to good trail and land use. Openmindedness and education, especially this day and age, is key to user groups getting along with each other. Vademan is clearly trying to get a rise out of folks, which he's done MANY times. Search the forums and you will find pages and pages of this junk. His writings should be read for entertainment reasons only, I don't advise it, but if you feel so inclined, here is another link: In my tiny little town, we have trail day once a year, where the many user groups get together, drink beer ,dig in the dirt and make good of the land we have......because we know it could be gone, at any time, and thus be gone forever. Many hours have been wasted feuding with him on various forums, I hope none of his writings hit home with you folks, if it did, and I offended you, I am sorry for that. At that, Rant over.

        Ithaca has some prime riding areas, Shindhagin Hollow, Hammond Hill, Yellow Barn, to name a few. About an hour south of Syracuse. Good snow riding right now! Woo Hoo!