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New Pennsylvania state highpoint?

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  • New Pennsylvania state highpoint?

    Thought this was interesting...

    Recent LiDAR findings show that Pennsylvania's highpoint isn't Mount Davis but a rocky area ~0.9 miles northeast of there (on the other side of Mount Davis Road beyond Baughman Rocks). There's also a second HP candidate just south of Mount Davis. LiDAR technology is generally considered to be more accurate than old topographic surveys.

    List Of John page for Pennsylvania State HP - 3,214'

    Facebook discussion including a detailed explanation from the person who conducted the LiDAR research:

    Reddit highpointers discussion:

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    Cool thanks


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      A more detailed analysis and maps were recently posted on the 14ers forum:

      My conclusions:

      1) The highest point in the northern cluster is the likely PA HP.
      2) The southern cluster (including my five identified sub-clusters) is also in contention and should be investigated.
      3) The area near the tower, including the accepted boulder, is not likely to be the actual HP.
      I stopped at Mount Davis and Baughman Rocks a couple months ago, before these findings were released. Now I'm tempted to make the four-hour drive back down there to explore the area more. The only thing holding me back is $5/gallon gas!