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Vistas of Fish Dam Run Gorge-Sproul State Forest

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    Yeah, judging from the old blazes further down at the bottom of the hollow, the trail was rerouted up the hill and away from the stream at some point in the last ~20 years. We observed something similar in the Boggs Run drainage, too. Given the narrow nature of portions of both of those valleys, the reroutes were almost certainly necessary to avoid portions of the trail getting washed out, and they likely also minimized the necessary number of stream crossings along the way.

    But some of those stretches of side-hilling really need a trail crew to go in and dig out a deeper/wider bench in the hillside because it gets a bit tricky/slippery to traverse at times, especially when the narrow existing bench fills with leaves.

    To be fair, given the loose and unstable soils on the sides of some of those valleys, it's very possible that when the re-routes were constructed the benches were dug out much wider/deeper... and that they've simply just filled in over time as the soils have continued to shift and settle.