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  • Dyken Pond

    Anyone ever hit this area? Did it as a dayhike for snowshoeing a couple two three weeks ago. Very level trail overall. In better weather (clear trails) you can probably do most of the Dyken Pond trail system in a weekend.

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    I have not been there yet, but it looks like a very nice area. I think I have to go over the summer for some hiking, fishing, and mtn biking, and in the winter some hunting, XC skiing, and snowshoeing. I have been to Cherry Plain, but now I have to head up to Grafton and now this area. Thanks for the suggestion Jeff.
    The two peaks huddled togethor for warmth, closing in upon each other like the very gates of hell. A cloud of ice fog persisted below the wailing winds, bringing a surge of air so cold trees shatter and freeze. In the shadow of the two peaks lies Lake of Styx, ravaged by unforgiving avalanches. The fading light of the day that brought no life is blinding as it reflects of the spruces coated with ice. As night fell the winds retreated to the peaks, and a vast silence reigned over the land. The land itself was in a total stage of desolation, lifeless, without movement, so lone and cold that the spirit of it was not even that of sadness. A cry then screeches out over the land, so terrible it freezes the land even harder. Then, many more screeching cries. They have not eaten for weeks, and they are nothing more than skeletons covered with fur. Their minds are gone, they are machines in search of one thing, food. A cloud of icy mist forms over them, causing their fur to be rimed with ice. As they gaze into the valley below their eyes are burned with blowing snow. Down below a lone traveler has set up camp for the night, and is resting inside his tent. The silence is only interrupted by the occasional howl, or a tree shattering like a gunshot. During the night the pack gives up, and the northern ghost come out to play, slashing members of the pack in their sleep. As the red sun rises the victims of the night are frozen and eaten.As the cold relentlessly attacks, and winds brew, the struggle for survival in the North Country continues. by Anonymous