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    As there is not much going on today I though I'd throw up a few pictures of our climb of Mt St Helens a few years ago. If anything can go wrong it will and on the way to the climb my trusted slr died and we had to rely on my buddy's camcorder. Now then these pics came from VHS of all things tape. They are not what I'd like but not totally bad. How often do you get to climb St Helens? So we did the best we could at least the tape is fun to watch.

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    Flew over Mt. St. Helens on my way to Alaska and that's the closest I want to get to that one!

    Must have been a memorable trek. Glad to see it was "uneventful"!


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      For anyone interested, there's a Mt. St. Helens Volcanocam. When the weather is clear, the view is too cool!


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        But it was an awesome climb difficult because of all the ash. The closest I can come to describing it is, it is like a verticle beach. The ash was coarse and deep. Your feet would slip back with each step. The thighs and calves got a real workout.


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          I found the gravely moraine areas left behind in glacial retreat at Denali had the same effect: sliding backward as one tried to go forward.


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            You're right, the pics aren't too bad considering the source .

            Looks like an awesome time!


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              If anyone gets a chance... highly recommend the NW for a vacation. My girlfriend (other half) is from Tiger Mountain (east of Seattle) and we have hiked all over out there. Rainier is quite beautiful as well. One of the most gorgeous approaches into an airport (Sea-Tac).

              Kind of funny thing... I grew up in Fulton County about 5-10 miles north of I-90 (NYS thruway) and my girlfriend grew up in Washington about 5-10 miles south of I-90 clear across the continent.

              Well we think its funny in a weird way I guess.