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  • Info on Continental Divide Trail

    My son graduates from college on June 1st and we're looking at about a week-long hiking/climbing trip, most likely in Colorado. If anyone has any info about the CDT that they can pass along I'd greatly appreciate it.

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    It's steep!!

    I did it back in the early 70's. At that time it was not yet a
    "National Trail" although there was a movement to make it so. Basically it was a string of trails through various parks and Wildernesses with a lot of compass, map and Gps work.

    I think that if you up into Estes Park via Loveland Pass near Fort Collins, Colorado and then into Rocky Mountain National Park. There are a lot of 13000 foot peaks that you can stroll across!
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      try this ....

      scroll down the current list of journals to nearly the bottom of the page & you'll find some current journals for the CDT ... you can also look at archived journals by clicking on a year at the top of the journal list (Journal Index) ... you might be able to get some first-hand information about the trail.

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