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  • Long Trail Hikers?

    I've climbed all of the 4,000 footers in NH and Maine and will start focusing on Vermont next summer. I'm thinking of doing a section hike of the Long Trail and doing all of the mountains on the hundred highest list in Vermont at the same time. Any thru or section hikers of the Long Trail here? The only mountain I've climbed in Vermont so far was Camel's Hump, which I thought was superb! I'd love to get advice on planning a Long Trail hike from people who know the territory. Thanks, Fred
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    Hey Funkyfreddy!

    It would be quite the section hike!
    Stratton (near Manchester) is the southernmost and Jay/Big Jay (near Canada) are the northernmost NE100 highest. So out of 270 miles of the LT, your section hike would be about 230!!

    Breadloaf and Wilson are 2 NE100 that are pretty close together and a beautiful section of trail. It would be tough to pick a section to hike, the whole trail is so beautiful. Ellen and Abraham are also close together and a great day hike.

    Equinox, Dorset are not on the LT. Mendon, Pico and Big Jay are side trips.

    VT is a great state!! Happy hiking!!!


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      I'm actually thinking of making the Long Trail my first long distance hike, doing it end to end, maybe taking 2-3 weeks at the end of August/early September and really "doing Vermont" - the whole Long Trail and the 100 highest. I haven't spent much time there but have loved what I seen so far. I've driven through it a lot of times on my way to the Whites from NYC.


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        End to End! Excellent!

        What type of planning advice are you looking for?

        The LT was my first long distance hike (over this past summer) and I'm hooked!

        The LT guide (has maps in the book) and the End to Ender's guide are two great sources of info. End to Ender's is updated every year

        Feel free to e-mail me!!
        I'd love to talk planning!
        Towns, maildrops, shelters, I love it all!