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Locus Map Pro is on sale until the end of December.

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  • Locus Map Pro is on sale until the end of December.

    If you have an Android phone and are looking for a top-notch backcountry navigation app, I highly recommended Locus Map Pro. It's on sale for US$3.49 until the end of December. It is also eligible for sharing via Family Library so one license entitles you to install it on all your Android devices.

    I've been using it extensively for a year and it has a comprehensive feature set, is frequently updated and enhanced, and is well-supported by the development team and a large user-community. My favorite new feature is the ability to perform automatic-routing offline (no internet connection required to calculate a route along trails and/or roads).

    You can influence the auto-router's calculations by adding via points (pass through a specific place and announce it during navigation), or shaping points (pass through a specific place but DO NOT announce it during navigation), or no-go points (avoid routing through here). It's a powerful tool for quickly drawing a hiking route and determining its length and elevation gain (and without an internet connection).
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    Thanks to your previous recommendation, I've been using this for a while. Need to check out the routing functionality.

    What's the primary benefit of the Pro version?

    Thinking out loud here, I should check whether I have the latest OSM for NY downloaded. How often do they update?


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      Benefits include no ads and many useful functions (disabled in the free version) become enabled.

      Full-featured, unlimited and ad-free Locus Map Pro outdoor mobile navigation app is on sale for 50%. Available for this price till the end of this year.

      In addition, a new version was released. Significant new feature is the ability to analyze part of a track (distance, elevation profile, speed, etc) instead of the entire track. Other improvement is the scheduled backup function can now store its backups in the cloud (Google Drive, Dropbox).

      LoMaps are updated periodically, about every 3 months or so. From within the app, go to the Locus Store, navigate to the desired map (New York), and it'll indicate if there's a newer version of the one you already have on your phone.
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