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Stillwater Reservoir Depth Map

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  • Stillwater Reservoir Depth Map

    A custom depth map of Stillwater Reservoir in the town of Webb, Herkimer County. The map can be viewed in Google Earth.

    Data has been collected through 2015 and 2016. It shows the original river bed, the location of of the original wooden crib dam, extinct bodies of water, rock shoals, etc. Created using the Reefmaster software. There's another update post discussing the details of using the software.

    Stillwater Reservoir Depth Map

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    All the pics of Stillwater Reservoir you ever wanted.
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      Not all the pics I've ever wanted!

      That's why I have the following (and other stuff) available on my site...

      1. All the ortho-rectified satellite imagery used in the project.
      2. Aerial photography and video from 2001 when the reservoir was drained.
      3. The custom depth map I created along with the help of a friend who did all the data collection.
      4. Historical paper maps.

      None of which are on Bing images, or if they are, they're links to my site.


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        Actually I've seen all the Stillwater info I care to. Can you provide similar info on other Blue Line Lakes? e.g. Blue Mountain Lake?
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          I've spent enough time on the Stillwater project. But you can create it yourself using some of the software tools I've linked on my site.

          For pre-compiled imagery (mbtile or KMZ): MOBAC, Maperitive, SAS.Planet, Global Mapper

          Created the routes, hazard polygons, image overlays, and campsites data using: Google Earth, QGIS

          Depth Map: Lowrance Elite-7 DI Sonar/DepthFinder (hardware), Reefmaster

          Mobile GPS Apps: LocusMaps and OruxMaps on Android, Map Plus on Apple


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            75 miles of additional track data was added from this past summer's collection. I have updated the site to link the 2017 updated map. I plan on collecting much more depth data in the spring during high water.



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              Another 85 miles added. Total of 585 miles so far. Approximately 15% of the reservoir left to go.



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                Another 107 miles added. Total of 692 miles so far. Less than 5% of the reservoir left to go.